The Wrangler YJ was produced with four different transmissions. Depending on the year the vehicle and the engine it had determined which transmission it was outfitted with. There were three different manual transmissions and one automatic transmission.

Manual Transmissions

  • 4-cylinder models came with the Aisin-Warner AX-5. This was a 5-speed manual transmission.
  • 6-cylinder models built from 1987-1989 came with the Peugeot BA-10. This was a 5-speed manual transmission. The Peugeot BA-10 has long been touted as the worst transmission ever put into a Jeep vehicle - EVER!
  • 6-cylinder models built from 1990-95 came with the Aisin-Warner AX-15. This was a 5-speed manual transmission that had plenty of strength to handle any condition the Jeep was driving in -- on or off-road. It has been reported that some 1989 models were lucky enough to come from the factory with one of these.

Automatic Transmissions

  • All models with an automatic transmission came with the Aisin-Warner AW30-40. This was a 4-speed automatic transmission with an overdrive fourth gear.
Factory Jeep Wrangler YJ Transmission Specifications
AX-5 5 3.93 2.33 1.45 1.00 0.85 4.74 1987-94
AX-5 5 3.93 2.33 1.45 1.00 0.79 4.22 1989-95
BA10 5 4.03 2.33 1.45 1.00 0.79 3.39 1987-89
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